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Organized & Hosted by SIM Boston

Our Vision: To be the organization of choice serving today’s and tomorrow’s IT leaders in the Eastern New England area.

At the Boston Chapter of SIM, we provide leading information technology executives, consultants, and academics with a place to share ideas. Our collaborative community shares best practices, trends and lessons learned for you: the person that is responsible for shaping and influencing the future of IT and IT management.

To apply for membership, please either contact Jim Martin or Craig Holbrook, our Membership Co-Chairs, via their email addresses below or apply for membership online.

Contact Us
P.O. Box 998
Upton, MA 01568

Membership Contacts:
Craig Holbrook, Membership Co-Chair,
Jim Martin, Membership Co-Chair,

Boston Chapter Contacts:
Krissy Fernandes, Chapter Operations Manager,
Kate Carroll, Chapter Administrator,

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Advisory Board Members

Dave Jackson

Director of IT & CIO

Jack Billiel

Sr Director, Business Tech Services

James J Whalen Jr

Boston Properties

Tom Catalini

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

James Bowen

Measured Progress

Bill Wellman

Past President
SIM Boston

Amanda Moore

IT Director NAM Services Division
Schneider Electric
Co-Chair 2016 SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit

Uday Dixit

Digital Store Front
Co-Chair 2016 SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit

Kevin More

May Institute Inc

Bill Dziura

Collette Vacations

Ted Kenney

Grand Circle Corporation

Brian Shield

Boston Red Sox

Jay Leader

Rocket Software

Keith Moran

University of Massachusetts President's Office

Mark Staples

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Rob Ramrath


Frank Wiggins

VP of IT
The Gem Group

Susan Kifer

CIO & VP of IT
Simonds International

Mojgan Lefebvre

SVP & CIO Global Speciality
Liberty Mutual Group

Deborah Scott

Worchester Polytechnic Institute

Margot Carleton

Brockton Area Multi-Services, Inc

Robert Johnson

Sr Director of Strategic Intelligence

Bill Scudder

Aspen Technology

Brian Madden

SVP, Director of IT
Boston Capital

David Flanagan

Bain & Company

Irwin Weiss

VP of IT

Jean Tufts

Consulting Manager

Jeff Lamoreaux

Global Partners LP

Melissa Andrews

Director of IT
Maloney Properties Inc

Robin Shawver

VP, IT Shared Services
BJ's Wholesale Clubs

Sue Bergamo

Tecnology Strategist

Tracy Cashman

SVP & Partner
WinterWyman Executive Search

Sara Morgan

VP Program Management
Curriculum Associates

Kevin Ryan

Vice President
McGraw-Hill Education

Dorothy Hatzikonstantis

VP, Corporate Applications Development
Parexel International

Rick Broughton

Flash Global

Pat Randall

Client Relationship Partner
Kforce, Inc

Sam Schoelen

Continental Resources

Debra Orr

CIO & AVP of Administration
Simmons College

Andrew Amrhein

Managing Director of PMO, BRM, QA
IT Group, Harvard Busines School

Bernard Pezzimenti

VP of Engineering
Wintac Software

M Christine O'Connor

MIB Group

Bob Armour

SVP, Global Services

Anthony D'Agostino

Information Security Manager, Corporate Security & Resilience
Citizens Financial Group

Devan Dewey


Jean Fulchino

VP Global Technologies
Fresenius Medical Care

Jeremy Grundza

Project Manager - Enterprise Technology

Jeffrey Kessler

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Mike Lane

Sr Director of Information Services
Aspect Software

Jim Noga

Partners Healthcare

Ric Salvatici

Keolis Commuter Services

Tom Stumpek

Electric Insurance Company

Brad Whitehall

UniFirst Corporation

Mike Dion

Friendly's Ice Cream Corp
Join Us At The SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit

September 29, 2016

At Boston Marriott Newton


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7:30am - | Attendee Check-In: Breakfast Buffet Served

Breakfast Menu

8:20am - Grand Ballroom | Welcome Message

Amanda Moore

IT Director NAM Services Division
Schneider Electric

Dave Jackson

Director of IT & CIO
8:30am - Grand Ballroom | New Balance - 110 Years Young

Rob DeMartini

President & CEO
New Balance Athletics, Inc

Chris Ladd

EVP Global Consumer Experience
New Balance Athletics, Inc

Ravi Shankavaram

VP of IT
New Balance Athletics, Inc


9:15am - | Networking Break
9:45am - | Breakout Sessions
9:45am - Commonwealth 1 | Trends in Data Lifecycle Management and Information Governance
sponsored by EMC

Rick Tucker

Vice President
Doculabs, Inc

How do you purge your data? Are your data management practices in compliance with recordkeeping conventions and with legal standards? A recent survey from Doculabs unearthed some surprising findings about how organizations approach data lifecycle management. This meeting will host a discussion on the survey and discuss the impact on information governance and security, and offers recommendations for how to improve.

9:45am - Commonwealth 2 | Becoming a Better "Business Technologist" – A CIO Perspective

Jim Whalen

Boston Properties

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

City of Boston

Peter E Moreau

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Deborah Scott

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Business technology is a demanding discipline. Getting value from technology investments requires integrating insights and perspectives from business strategy to engineering to group psychology. A panel of CIOs will discuss their career lessons and journeys as they became ‘business technologists’ who now drive the most value from investments in technology for their enterprises.

9:45am - Commonwealth 3 | Cybersecurity: Build CEO, Executive and Audit Committee Confidence, Knowledge and Support

Susan Kifer

CIO & VP of IT
Simonds International

Jeff Lamoreaux

Global Partners LP

Jeff Horan


Kevin More

May Institute Inc

Cybersecurity is becoming a top of mind topic for many executives driven by media coverage, high profile breaches and regulatory pressures. IT leaders must respond to educate their peers and share their action plans to build confidence and gain continued support. The panelists will share what they are doing at their organizations as well as lessons learned.

9:45am - Commonwealth 4 | Erasing the Artificial Boundaries between “IT” and “The Business”
sponsored by Eliassen

Bob Fischer

Regional Agile Delivery Lead

In an organization everyone is theoretically aligned on the same goals: selling products, increasing market share, delighting the customer, attracting people to work in the organization, and helping them evolve their talents.

But in reality departments are created that establish their own vision and goals, seeming connected to the whole, but often subtly, and detrimentally, different.  If an Agile organization is to be optimized around delivering value, alignment on what’s important is critical. But it is common for there to not only be a lack of alignment, but actual hostility between IT and the lines of business they support.  What cause this?  What are the consequences?  And, what can be done?

In this session we’ll look at the things in structure, process and language that lead to the rift between IT and “The Business” and the concrete steps you can take to erode the boundaries.

Here’s a question to get you thinking.  Even the phrase “The Business” is part of the problem. Why is that?

10:30am - | Networking Break
11:00am - | Breakout Sessions
11:00am - Commonwealth 1 | Gaining Buy-In to Set an Overall Strategy and Drive Value for the Organization
sponsored by Delphix

Gopal Subramanian

SVP, Data Engineering
Fidelity Investments Management Technology

Executive sponsorship varies vastly across the industry. Many are still making a case for data, and even after gaining buy in, there is a need to constantly keep senior leadership engaged. How can you ensure you have the ear of and continue to be heard by senior leadership? How do you get your organization to view data management as a value added activity?

Find out how to:

  • Give and receive ongoing support to senior leadership
  • Create a case for global data management initiatives that require heavy investment and time before benefits can be reaped
  • Position data as a business asset and allow each line of business to contribute and consume it
  • Leverage emerging technologies such as Delphix data virtualization as an enabling technology in an overall data management strategy.

11:00am - Commonwealth 2 | The Fight for Talent: How to Mentor, Groom and Grow your Team

Devan Dewey

CTO, Principal

Mike Tirozzi


Joel Jacobs

The MITRE Corporation

Dan Sheehan


In a busy market for skills, grooming in-house talent is more important than ever.  How you recruit, mentor and engage young talent is critical to success. Hear from three finalists for the CIO of the Year Leader Award in how they approach this challenge and meet their talent needs.

11:00am - Commonwealth 3 | Exerting Your Voice in Driving Technology

Kim Crider

AF Reserve Major General, Consultant to the CIO & CTO
Harvard University

Dorothy Hatzikonstantis

VP Enterprise Applications Development

Madge Meyer

Former EVP, Chief Innovation Officer & Technology Fellow
State Street Corporation

Joanne Kossuth

VP Operations & CIO
Olin College of Engineering

How to engage in a technical discussion and be relevant and heard, when you may or may not be the only expert in the room. The panel will discuss situations that they’ve encountered and how to handle yourself and others when everyone is an expert (or thinks that they are).

11:00am - Commonwealth 4 | Innovating With the "Lights On" - How to Tip the Balance
sponsored by Rimini Street

Michael Blough

Group Vice President, North American Field Operations
Rimini Street

Dave Jackson

Director of IT & CIO

CIOs are consistently challenged by their organizations to leverage emerging technologies like social, mobile, cloud and big data to drive new value. Where is the problem? Many IT leaders admit their spending is too heavily weighted toward keep-the-lights on projects (80%-90% in many cases), leaving little budget for truly transformational initiatives.

Join this interactive session to learn how companies like Welch’s, are successfully tipping the balance between innovation and “lights on” mix by untethering resources from costly ongoing maintenance of their legacy ERP systems including SAP and Oracle, to re-investing in high growth initiatives.

11:45am - Hot Lunch Buffet Served

Lunch Menu

12:30pm - Grand Ballroom | SIM - Community Outreach

Fatima Pocheco

YearUp Boston Student
SIM Boston Award Recipient - Excellence in IT

James J Whalen Jr

Boston Properties
12:40pm - Grand Ballroom | Keynote Introduction
12:45pm - Grand Ballroom | Driving Innovation with a Purpose: IoT Fueling the Future of Energy

Bhavani Amirthalingam

VP of IT & Business Transformation
Schneider Electric

The world is becoming more electric and more digitized, with a need to decarbonize and decentralize our sources of energy. Leveraging technology and IoT is at the heart of driving innovation in energy management. In this keynote, Bhavani Amirthalingam, VP of Information Technology & Business Transformation, will discuss how Schneider Electric is driving innovation in energy management through the implementation of IoT. She will highlight the future and business value of Industrial IoT and the critical role of the technology leader that accompanies this evolution.

1:30pm - | Networking Break
2:00pm - | Breakout Sessions
2:00pm - Commonwealth 1 | Building Your Enterprise Cloud
sponsored by Nutanix

Michael Berthiaume

Director Systems Engineering
New England

Enterprise IT organizations are struggling to compete with the agility and fractional consumption offered by Public Cloud providers like AWS.  Learn about the technology that is enabling IT to build an Enterprise Cloud that can deliver the agility, innovation and economics offered by Public Cloud providers without sacrificing the control required to achieve the integration, security and SLAs most business demand.

2:00pm - Commonwealth 2 | Driving Innovation in the Enterprise

Andy Boynton

Carroll Business School, Boston College

Greg Bosworth

VP of IT

Raj Velmurugan

Director, Digital Solutions & Chief IT Architect
Bose Corporation

Marc Wood

Sr Director Global Specialty IT
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Innovation is challenging! As IT leaders, we are integral to achieving innovation by partnering with business leaders across our enterprises. A discussion led by Andy Boynton whose research and books have centered on innovation will focus on models and approaches for success.

2:00pm - Commonwealth 3 | Breaking Through the Legacy Logjam
sponsored by Edgewater

Steve King

Acting Managing Director, Administrative Technology Services
Harvard University Information Technology

Gretchen Gingo

Project Director, Administrative Technology Services
Harvard University Information Technology

Ken Parks

Director of Consulting

Faced with a faltering legacy system and with efforts to modernize progressing slowly, Harvard University Information Technology made a bold decision to look outside for fresh ideas to stabilize and then accelerate the replacement process.

2:45pm - | Networking Break
3:00pm - | Breakout Sessions
3:00pm - Commonwealth 1 | Evolution of Enabling Commerce
sponsored by Okta

Kenn Bryant

Director, Architecture & SaaS Delivery
Pitney Bowes Inc

Kenn Bryant will explain Pitney Bowes’ evolution of enabling commerce. How Pitney Bowes integrated core business systems into the robust cloud architecture that supports the Pitney Bowes Commerce.

3:00pm - Commonwealth 2 | The ROI of Engagement

Rachel Happe

The Community Roundtable

Jim Martin

Shepley Bulfinch

What kind of employee engagement is valuable? How can you orchestrate it and focus on the types of engagement that lead to business impact and culture change? Most organizations do not understand the powerful role engagement plays in achieving collaborative and innovative cultures or executing on digital transformation.

Join Rachel Happe, Co-Founder of The Community Roundtable and Jim Martin, CIO of Shepley Bulfinch, to talk about how TheCR’s Work Out Loud framework helped the national design firm measure their social intranet’s adoption and engagement.

This session will cover:

  • The concept of Working Out Loud and TheCR’s Work Out Loud framework
  • How Shepley Bulfinch used TheCR’s Work Out Loud framework and metrics to find validators, sharers, askers and answerers on their social intranet, and how they articulated the value their behavior has to the firm
  • How they are using the framework to measure the success of their process and how it will help them evaluate their approach going forward
  • Best practices for implementing a WOL framework at your organization
3:00pm - Commonwealth 3 | Utilizing UX at the Core of Your IT Org
sponsored by Eliassen

Matt Ferguson

Managing Director
Eliassen Group Creative

John Lamoureux

Sr Director, IS Infrastructure
UMass Memorial Medical Center

Dan Sloat, PhD, BS RN

Director of User Experience
Fresenius Medical Care

Ritu Mihir

Customer Experience Strategist

User (Customer) Experience is the white hot engagement methodology for leading creative and technology companies. Integrating UX into your IT organization and product strategy is critical to successful engagement with your employees and customers. This session will discuss the importance of UX, key method of engagement, ways to incorporate into your organization and expected outcomes.

3:00pm - Commonwealth 4 | Using Identity Relationship Management to Ensure Digital Transformation Success
sponsored by ForgeRock

Ben Goodman

Director, Customer Engineering

Connecting with customers, students, citizens or employees in a meaningful way is essential to deliver exceptional services in the digital economy. This level of connection is only accomplished when you break down technology silos to create a genuine omnichannel experience. Identity relationship management is at the center of this transformation.

3:45pm - | Networking Break
3:55pm - Grand Ballroom | Keynote Introduction
4:00pm - Grand Ballroom | A little protection goes a long way-Finding Your O-Line

Matt Light

The Light Foundation


4:45pm - Grand Ballroom | Closing Remarks
4:50pm - Networking Reception

Enjoy this complimentary cocktail reception featuring an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and conversation. Make this an important element of your attendance to the Summit. The ability to network and collaborate with your peers in an open and no-hype environment will prove to provide long lasting value to your key business initiatives moving forward.


What Our Attendees Say

Customer Testimonails

The SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit is a must attend event for any IT leader interested in quality peer to peer networking and hearing from the industries best thought leaders. I always come away from the event with actionable items I can use at the office the very next day!

Kevin More Chief Information Officer
May Institute
Customer Testimonails

The SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit is a perfect mix of networking and education where timely content is delivered by the right people.

Jay Leader SVP of IT & CIO
Rocket Software
Customer Testimonails

Most of us across the IT community are facing the same changes and issues. At the SIM Boston Summit you can connect with people who have developed creative solutions to these. Even more importantly, they are happy to share their experience and knowledge with you. It’s a true networking and learning event designed by IT professionals for IT professionals.

Melissa Andrews Director of IT
Maloney Properties Inc


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