Utah IT Symposium

November 3, 2016
Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown

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Event Planning Committee

Carol Fineagan

Franklin Covey

Tom Creighton

Family Search

Myles Vogel

Interim CIO
Western Governors University

Roger Custodio

Boart Longyear

Bob White


Advisory Committee

Mike Van Orden

Sportsman's Warehouse

Joe Pierce

Merit Medical Systems

Warren Strong


Cliff Higbee

Director of Member & Statistical Records Division
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Eric Hawley

Utah State University

Steve Eldredge

Sr Storage Manager, Product Technical Operations
Adobe Systems Inc

Bobbi Alexandrova

Director, Software Development

Sara Jones


Reid Grawe

Director, IS Placement & Career Advisor
BYU Marriott School of Management

Rob Harrison

Myriad Genetics

James King


Rich Skeen

VP of Information Systems

Dan Wadsworth

Director of Information Security

Phil Windley

Professor & Enterprise Architect, Office of the CIO

Debi Mofford

WCF Insurance
Join Us At The 2016 Utah IT Symposium

November 3, 2016

At The Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown


7:30am - | Attendee Check-In: Breakfast Buffet Served

Breakfast Menu

8:20am - Salon A-F | Welcome Message

Carol Fineagan

Franklin Covey
8:30am - Salon A-F | Perception vs. Reality: How Culture Impacts an Organization

Carine Clark

President & CEO

It’s been said that perception is reality. What impact does your company culture have in your organization and how can you change behavior at its core to deliver optimal performance amid parallel realities?

Join Carine as she addresses the good and the bad from her experiences in global technology companies. Throughout her career, Carine has discovered what leadership styles result in the most loyal employees. As a self-described ‘humble warrior’, Carine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in successfully leading organizations through periods of disruption. Her personal struggles have changed the way she leads and lifts others, especially the next generation.

9:15am - | Networking Break
9:45am - | Breakout Sessions
9:45am - Salon G | IT Planning, a 12 Step Program

Rich Bushell

Director of IT

Bailing water and fighting fires may keep your business from sinking, but with a plan and approved budget, any IT group can make great progress and become a catalyst for business growth. IT Plans need to start with strategic statements supporting key business needs. Strategic statements are high level and there should be very few. I will address as examples, common business strategic statements as they relate to IT. All IT Plans, reviews and tactics must tie back to one or more of the strategic statements. I will walk through the process of reviewing the past two years and projecting five years out to plot acceptable progress towards business goals. Overlaying the seven year business strategic plan must be IT projects and tactical changes that drive the corrections or improvements needed to achieve business goals. Dependencies are identified and adjustments made to tactical projects. Forecasting business value along with the costs of IT projects, allows creation of charts and documents useful in communicating with budget approvers and business executives. I will give time driven budget guidelines to include with forecasts. If the breakout session is smaller, I would invite attendees to sketch out responses to my presentation as we go to create the framework of their own IT Plan and end the session with something they will want to take back to their businesses for validation and action.

9:45am - Salon H | Optimizing Your Cloud & Virtual Environment through VM-aware Storage
sponsored by Tintri

Yan Purba

Larry H Miller Dealerships

Join Yan Purba, CIO at Larry H. Miller Dealerships, as he shares how new paradigms have shifted the storage landscape, and why VM-aware storage matters to businesses today. He’ll also discuss how his organization has significantly improved performance and reliability in their virtualized environment, while simultaneously reducing the costs of managing their virtualized server environment. He will also explore how leveraging a VM-aware platform enabled LHM to support a cost reducing virtual desktop effort in a highly distributed environment.

9:45am - Salon I | Economic State of Utah's Economy

Benjamin Hart

Managing Director, Urban & Rural Business Services
Governor's Office of Economic Development

Ben Hart, Managing Director of Urban and Rural Business Services, will provide an in depth update on the state of Utah's economy. Workforce needs are a common concern in the state, learn what programs are being established and how Utah is leading the nation in pathway programs to fulfill workforce needs.

9:45am - Salon J | Interactive Idea Exchange: How Do We Keep Hosted File Sync and Share Effective?
sponsored by Box

Eric Hawley

Utah State University

Please come participate in an interactive conversation facilitated by Eric Hawley, CIO of Utah State University (a Box corporate user) and explore how shifting to hosted file, sync, and share impacts how we use and share data. Share your experience, and bring your questions! Whether Box, or other services, new online filing and collaboration systems change how we work. How do we manage and keep control as the number of directories and shares explode? What strategies and approaches help keep things organized and secure with scale? What’s on the horizon from vendors like Box to help stay more organized, more secure, and more connected as usage explodes?

10:30am - | Networking Break
11:00am - | Breakout Sessions
11:00am - Salon G | The Cyber Threat Landscape

Mark Roberts

Special Agent

This presentation details the FBI’s current cyber mission as it pertains to criminal, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism computer intrusions and related threats.

11:00am - Salon H | Performance Enhancements in a World of Extreme Data Growth
sponsored by Oracle in association with Intel

Dawit Bereket

Sr Director, Consulting

Data growth and the management of data is a big concern for organizations meaning your database is critical to your business remaining competitive. This session will share how to deliver superior performance, operational simplicity, and value with a range of models designed for single instance database to full consolidation and high-availability, you can choose the model that best meets your needs. Dawit Bereket will also discuss the Oracle Database Appliance family, delivering application and database performance simply and affordably.

11:00am - Salon I | DAS'D and Confused
sponsored by Hunt Electric

Travis Conaty

Manager of Telecommunications
Intermountain Health Care

This session will cover the evolution of cellular usage and the current expectations, with a specific focus on the overview of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).  Travis Conaty of Intermountain Health will discuss the implementation of DAS within Intermountain, along with some takeaways of things to consider before purchasing the solution.

11:00am - Salon J | How do you manage land in a cloud?

Buck Ehler

GIS & Technology Manager
State of Utah, DNR

Over the last few years, the Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR) went through the process of defining, scoping, acquiring, discovering, implementing and using a robust IT system to manage land based records and processes such as; leases, real estate and projects. Three land managing divisions Forestry, Fire and State Lands; Wildlife Resources; and Parks and Recreation collaborated to create DNR's first truly enterprise IT system.

The process was unique because it was driven by business units instead of enterprise IT. We will discuss how the DNR group came about, how inter-agency partnering has worked out for us, and business unit strategies for success.

The ultimate solution is IBM's Tririga Integrated Workplace Management System, a COTS solution fully hosted by IBM. We will discuss how and why this platform was chosen and the strategic scoping that was done to benefit other DNR business units down the road. 

11:45am - Hot Lunch Buffet Served

Lunch Menu

12:40pm - Salon A-F | Keynote Introduction

Myles Vogel

Interim CIO
Western Governor's University
12:45pm - Salon A-F | Get-Real Leadership

Harry Campbell

'Get-Real Leadership'

Reflecting back to time spent with one of his professional role models, Sam Walton, Harry S. Campbell takes the tenants of servant leadership and infuses them with his own business philosophies developed while working at Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Sprint, as well as smaller private companies. What results is an empowering and fresh approach to managing people and business that Campbell calls Get-Real Leadership.

1:30pm - | Networking Break
2:00pm - | Breakout Sessions
2:00pm - Salon G | FranklinCovey PII Case Study

Blaine Carter

InfoSec Manager
Franklin Covey

Keeping up with international privacy regulations as they evolve has been a challenge. Share the FranklinCovey PII journey and lessons learned, as presented by Blaine Carter, InfoSec Manager for FC.

2:00pm - Salon H | Do You Know What IT Actually Costs? Is It Time to Invest in IT Financial Management?

Robert Naegle

Research VP

The proactive management of IT finance is increasingly important to any organization that desires to run IT as a business, maintain or grow budgets, and increase the strategic relevance of IT with the business. This session will provide an overview of the IT financial management discipline, make the case for proactive investment in a system of record and suggest specific steps that all organizations should take today.

2:00pm - Salon I | Simplify Your Monitoring
sponsored by Netscout

Brad Orchard

Enterprise Network Architect
Intermountain Healthcare

With the rise in complexity of Enterprise organizations, the pressure is on to collaborate more effectively in accessing traffic data and monitoring the disparate dependencies that drive performance. Now more than ever, UC, Security, Applications, and network teams need to extend work together to share information and access to the traffic data that drives all of their performance monitoring needs. Brad will share best practices including:

  • Simplify and streamline the monitoring fabric
  • Extend the reach and visibility of monitoring tools
  • Foster cross-team collaboration
2:00pm - Salon J | CIO Viewpoint on the Public Cloud
sponsored by PureStorage

Ravi Venkat

Data Center Architect
Pure Storage

Public Cloud vs. Data Centers:

  • AWS and the public cloud are not killing off the data center.
  • Flash memory, the data center and the public cloud work in concert, not in conflict. Flash enables fast high-performance cloud environments. 
  • Public cloud delivers accessibility, scalability and ease of management – but falls short on availability, control, cost-certainty and security. 
  • Companies continue to keep certain workloads off the public cloud for reasons tied to those shortcomings and expect that to continue. 
  • Storage is not divided by public cloud vs. data centers, despite that being a popular narrative. 
  • Additionally, it's critical to remember that clouds - public and private - are still running off of hardware in a data center somewhere. The need for physical storage is only growing along with the dramatic increase in data generation. But those needs must be fulfilled in the face of stagnant or shrinking IT budgets and rapidly decreasing real estate, which means the technology within the data center has to get far more efficient than spinning disk, and fast - Enter flash, which enables an ultra-fast, highly-performant cloud environment. 
  • The benefits of public cloud are accessibility, scalability and ease of management. 
  • Where public cloud falls short is availability, control, cost-certainty and security. 
  • Overall, it is clear that no one solution is going to emerge as a magic bullet. Each has its pros and cons, and perform best when working in conjunction with other solutions that complement its strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Public cloud is here to stay - but can't do it alone. 
2:45pm - | Networking Break
3:00pm - | Breakout Sessions
3:00pm - Salon G | Explosive Growth Within a Company – How to Manage Skill, Innovation, Scaling Within Software Department

Bobbi Alexandrova

Director, Software Development

Fast growing companies are aggressive by nature and their software departments follow the same trend.

They present unique challenges that test the mettle of teams and managers and put mounting pressures on a system that is evolving quickly.

In this session we will discuss ways to address growth challenges software teams face during rapid organization growth.

3:00pm - Salon H | Make Workstations Great Again! (Make Them Great for You, Not the Hacker)

Ryan Watson

Covert Penetration Tester
Silent Break Security

Initial access for hackers is typically gained through compromising an employee's workstation. With hackers becoming more stealthy at disguising their communications, it is increasingly harder to detect their activity leaving the network. Unfortunately there is no silver bullet, no single product to purchase, it all comes down to the ability to effectively monitor what’s happing on workstations. In this talk we will discuss how you can better identify threats by leveraging Windows event logs in Active Directory and workstations. Together we can make monitoring workstations great again!

3:00pm - Salon I | The State of Business Intelligence

Mark Richard Savage

Data Warehouse Manager/Architect
Nicholas & Company

Mark Richard Savage brings over 17 years of BI experience as a Data Architect and Consultant. He will speak to the current state of BI and how current tools work to further business analysis and management.

3:45pm - | Networking Break
3:55pm - Salon A-F | Keynote Introduction

Tom Creighton

Family Search
4:00pm - Salon A-F | A K-16 Computing Pathway Initiative: Capitalizing on Opportunity

Tamara Goetz

Executive Director, Utah STEM Action Center
Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development

There are over 12,000 information tech/computing jobs open in Utah.  Nearly half of the high schools in Utah do not offer any information tech/computing courses.  There is a dire shortage of teachers in this critical field.  Utah students are not choosing information tech/computing education pathways.  Doomsday or opportunity? Definitely opportunity! Utah companies, government and education partners are working tighter to take advantage of this opportunity to increase student choices in education and career pathways and help Utah companies continue to be successful. 

4:45pm - Salon A-F | Closing Remarks

Tom Creighton

Family Search
4:50pm - Networking Reception

Enjoy this complimentary cocktail reception featuring an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and conversation. Make this an important element of your attendance to the Summit. The ability to network and collaborate with your peers in an open and no-hype environment will prove to provide long lasting value to your key business initiatives moving forward.

Join Us At The 2016 Utah IT Symposium

November 3, 2016

At The Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown


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