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August 17, 2016
Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City

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2016 Associated Partners

2016 Charity

Peppers Ranch Foster Care Community seeks to "break the cycle" of child abuse and neglect through loving homes, counseling, and growth-oriented activities. By creating a network of caring foster parents and adult mentors on whom children can depend, Peppers Ranch is committed to providing a safe and secure environment where physical and emotional wounds can heal.

2016 Committee Members

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2016 Governing Body

Gene Rindels

VP of IT
Charles Machine Works

Blaine Young

Chief Information & Operations Officer
Tulsa Public Schools

Steve Harpe

Gateway Mortgage Group

Michael Weygandt

Director, Global Technology Services
The Voice of the Martyrs Inc

Eric Hileman

Executive Director of Informational Technology
Oklahoma City Public Schools

Steve Stafford

Director of IT Operations

2016 Advisory Board

Leon Price

Professor Emeritus, MIS
University of Oklahoma

Vic Alonzi

Information Security Manager
Quick Trip

Victor Carneiro

CompSource Mutual Insurance Company

Jeff Turner

VP of Technology
US Beef

Pete Mather

Mather Consulting

Kenny Mullican

Paragon Films, Inc

Mark Brewer

Seagate Technology

Gary Casey

IT Manager

Lynn Haueter

Director of IT, Infrastructure & Operations
Family & Children's Services

Jacque Nuckolls

TD Williamson, Inc

David Greer

Executive Director of the Institute of Information Security (iSec)
University of Tulsa

Bo Reese

State of Oklahoma

Matt Singleton

Chief Operations & Accountability Officer, Information Services
State of Oklahoma

David Westman

BancFirst Bank

Charles Osborn

Enable Midstream

Kevin Callahan

VP of IT
First Fidelity Bank

Curtis Coleman

Seagate Technology
Join Us At The 2016 Oklahoma IT Symposium

August 17, 2016

At The Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City


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7:30am - | Attendee Check-In: Breakfast Buffet Served

Assorted breakfast breads and pastries, fresh orange, apple and cranberry juices, scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, skillet fried potatoes, sliced fresh fruit, freshly brewed coffee and hot tea

8:20am - Meeting Rooms 9-12 | Welcome Message

Gene Rindels

VP of IT
Charles Machine Works
8:30am - Meeting Rooms 9-12| The Power of Choice-Based Leadership: Why Choosing Change Makes ALL The Difference

Robert Tipton

Chief Transformation Accelerator
Change Management Pro

There’s a common misconception in business today: that organizational change happens through education and performance management systems. In other words, if we give people enough facts, and use the right mix of carrots and sticks to get them to perform, change happens.

And, that’s completely backward.

It’s also one of the chief reasons why, in my experience, more than 2/3rds of “typical” change efforts fail. One of my favorite sayings is this: “The way we approach change is critical to how hard (or not) and how successful (or not) change will be...”
Change can leverage our desires instead of our fears, our choices instead of our insecurities, our strengths instead of our shortcomings. And when this happens, change—while in many cases remaining a challenge—becomes something “other than hard,” and something where success can be normal and expected.

This keynote inspires a mind reboot, a shift toward helping the people around you to CHOOSE change. Here are some remarkable benefits we’ll quantify and that you’ll experience first hand in the session:

1. Engagement is driven by a sense of trusted appreciation
2. Authentically-engaged employees do “whatever it takes” to assure change happens
3. High-trust relationships reduce costs and shorten timeframes associated with change

Here’s the bottom line: change is an emotional decision, not an intellectual one, and CHOOSING change makes ALL
the difference.


1. There’s no such thing as organizational change - the people in organizations change, one at a time. If we get the right people, in the right roles, at the right time, in the right sequence to change together, then it feels like the organization itself is changing.
2. There’s a PROFOUND difference between change done to us versus change done through us.
3. Accelerating three kinds of trust (a. I am trusted; b. I trust the situation and my leaders; and c. we trust each other) drive real, quantifiable business benefits. It’s not just some fluffy notion.
4. Real, sustainable change happens only when we want it. Period.

9:15am - | Networking Break
9:45am - | Breakout Sessions
9:45am - Room 4 | The Business Impact of ITIL

Michael Weygandt

Director, Global Technology Services
The Voice of The Martyrs

Daphne Coldiron

IT Support Manager
Ditch Witch, A Charles Machine Works Company

Dave Ramzy

Executive Consultant & Virtual CIO
Family Owned Financial Services Outsourcer

Steven Payne

IT Service Manager
Williams Energy

ITIL is an IT service management framework that focuses on prioritizing the needs of the business. The five lifecycle stages include process best practices, success factors, metrics and implementation guidance. Adoption of ITIL best practices can help demonstrate technology value by providing IT services in a quality-driven and economical way. Because ITIL is a framework, not a standard, it does not prescribe implementation mandates, and therefore remains flexible to meet the needs of the IT organization and the business.

In this panel discussion the panel will draw upon their experiences to introduce the ITIL framework, demonstrate its flexibility, and highlight its impact on the following key issues:

  • IT and business strategic planning
  • Integrating and aligning IT and business goals
  • Implementing continual improvement
  • Measuring IT organization effectiveness and efficiency
  • Optimizing costs and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Achieving and demonstrating Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Demonstrating the business value of IT
  • Developing business and IT partnerships and relationships
9:45am - Room 5 | FBI Cyber Overview/Emerging Threats

Chad Knapp

Special Agent

Session will cover current cyber threats, trends, and persistent threats. Also included will be a section on engaging the FBI, and where we hope to be involved in the incident response process.

9:45am - Room 6 | We went cloud-only. No, really, completely cloud
sponsored by Box

Chris Dodds

System Architect
Seventy Seven Energy

Seventy Seven Energy had an amazing opportunity to go "green field" with it's IT infrastructure while spinning off from their prior parent. They seized this chance, and used it to explore new technology embracing the cloud. During this session, you will hear about how they were able to achieve cloud-only using products from Box, Okta, Meraki, and other cloud providers. You will also hear about the core differences between cloud-first and cloud-only, and what to look for in a true cloud provider.

9:45am - Room 7 | Managing Risks in a Cloudy World
sponsored by Datalink/Veritas

Brandy Meyer

Principal Solutions Architect

As more of our technology shifts to the cloud, it is important to understand the risks associated with this IT transformation. We will discuss some of the most common risks identified by leading analysts and ways to plan for and mitigate them as you move your organization to the cloud. Topics to include Office 365, Public versus Private Cloud, and data retention policy ramifications.

9:45am - Room 8 | The Cloud Enabled Enterprise: Agile Infrastructure Drives Agile Organizations
sponsored by Sigma

Jeff Perry

Sr Director
EMC Federation of Companies

As the age of “Cloud Native” technology driven companies approaches IT organizations have become the central spire of competitive businesses.  With ever increasing marketing, conflicting studies, and design options companies are struggling to build clear actionable plans to implement more automated, agile, and flexible Cloudlike environments and organizations.  Studies show that the preponderance of customers will operate Hybrid Cloud computing environments (both private and public).  However little consensus exists on how to architect these environments and most importantly how to start. Join us to discuss how organizations are becoming more Cloudlike while reducing the cost of legacy environments, investing in enabling technology, and building multiyear roadmaps that allow choice and decrease their companies time to market.

10:30am - | Networking Break
11:00am - | Breakout Sessions
11:00am - Room 4 | Be The Change

Brandy Semore

President & Executive Director
Oklahoma Women in Technology

Cathy Tompkins

Chesapeake Energy

Dr Cynthia Rolfe

University of Central Oklahoma

Diana Bittle

VP Software Solutions
American Fidelity

Join us for a panel discussion featuring some of Oklahoma City’s most impactful women in technology. With less and less women entering computer science fields, and an alarming rate of women leaving their tech jobs mid-career to pursue another industry, it’s time we discuss what’s happening.  These panelists will address how they are personally influencing change and encouraging women to enter and stay in technology careers. The panelists will also share struggles they’ve experienced as women in tech and what their hopes are for the future of women in technology.

11:00am - Room 5 | The Unexpected - Most Powerful Hacker Tool There Is
sponsored by AnchorPoint Security

David Stelzl

Author & Security Evangelist
Stelzl Security

And What To Do About It if You Want to Keep Your Data Safe.

Just about every major data breach you’ve read about over the past 12 months relied on some form of social engineering. In fact, with the right social approach, a hacker can gain access to any network. In this session we’ll address the common tricks used by cybercriminals, who is most at risk, and the steps business leaders must take if they want to keep their profits and intellectual property out of the hands of hackers.

11:00am - Room 6 | Peering in the Plains
sponsored by Rack59

James Deaton

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education - OneNet

In the past, Oklahoma has typically been little more than a speed-bump along the paths of national networks and content providers. Today, initiatives are well underway establishing new interconnections and local peering exchanges to bring both the content and the consumers closer to one another. This session will cover some of the successes of "peering in the plains" and the benefits of the these relationships, both with security and network performance.

11:00am - Room 7 | How LASO and OneNet Reduced Risk, Lowered Cost and Modernized Client Service Delivery
sponsored by PeakUptime

William Guyton

Director of IT
Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma Inc

Robert Nordmark

Director of Network Service

What is your short and long term strategy in regards to risk mitigation?  It is not a question if you have been compromised, it is when.  Accepting the fact that you have probably already been breached,  what is your plan moving forward?  How insecure are you and what are you going to do if there are client records out on the web?

11:00am - Room 8 | Clouds are Fluffy, Security is Hard
sponsored by SageNet

Paul Truitt

CISO & VP, Cybersecurity Services

We are going to remove any fear you have of the cloud.  Too many companies are either not having the cloud security discussion or leaving the controls up to development teams and application owners potentially leaving highly sensitive data at risk.  We will cover cloud assessment frameworks, automation processes, secure auto scaling architectures, access controls and managing your cloud providers to improve security.  Your data is out there, it’s time to accept it and protect it.

11:45am - Hot Lunch Buffet Served

Tomato basil soup, tossed green salad with assorted dressings, Hoppin’ John salad, fried chicken, sliced roast beef, mashed potatoes, season’s freshest vegetables, fresh rolls & butter, fresh fruit cobbler, freshly brewed coffee, hot tea and iced tea

12:40pm - Meeting Rooms 9-12 | Keynote Introduction

Michael Weygandt

Director, Global Technology Services
The Voice of the Martyrs
12:45pm - Meeting Rooms 9-12 | “Is there any hope?” When it Comes to Cyber Security

Curtis Coleman

Seagate Technology

Botnet, APT, Ransomware, Spear Phish – when it comes to cyber security, there is an almost endless list of things to look out for. Last year the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report claimed stolen credentials cause 95% of all data breaches. Yet, despite the billions of dollars being spent on security, the number of breaches continue to grow each year! “Is there any hope? Is all lost?” In this presentation, you will learn a “back-to-the-basics” approach to cyber security that will give you an advantage, make you a hard target, and provide an effective way to block the breach!

1:30pm - | Networking Break
2:00pm - | Breakout Sessions
2:00pm - Room 4 | Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Greg Starling


Danny Maloney


Todd Gourd

Cherokee Nation Businesses

Evan Anderson


You maximize output, quality, and profit by hiring and keeping the right people  We will discuss strategies on how to attract the best employees, how to engage that talent to be most productive, and the plans we have in place to retain them. From mistakes we’ve made to how to identify diamonds in the rough, we’ll talk about the secrets to building great teams.

2:00pm - Room 5 | The Cloud, Why and How We Went
sponsored by TulsaConnect

Steve Harpe

Gateway Mortgage Group

Join Steve Harpe - CIO of Gateway Mortgage Group - for a discussion on the Cloud migration of a production infrastructure supporting over 400 users in multiple states.  Steve will address key motivators, platform assessment and selection, migration planning, implementation logistics, Disaster Recovery, and ongoing growth and performance planning.

2:00pm - Room 7 | The Innovative CIO Knows How to Translate the Value of IT: Following the 10-Commandments of Innovative

Mike Mathews

Oral Roberts University

There has never been a greater day to be an exceptional and transformative CIO, while at the same time there has never been a worse day to be a mediocre operational CIO. The need for innovation and transformation within every organization has never been greater. Michael L. Mathews will deliver the premise of the message at he delivered at the United Nations in April 2016 that caused the IBMs of the world to take notice. From wearable technology, virtual reality, a $8M Global Technology Center, to showing up the the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon about transformative technology, Michael Mathews has innovated transformation among all educational stakeholders. Attendees will receive the 10-commandments of Innovation that give evidence of how every CIO can be translate the value of IT within their organization.  

2:00pm - Room 8 | Managing Security for the Cost Conscious
sponsored by PaloAlto

Ian Anderson

IT Security Manager
City of Oklahoma CIty

It is estimated that in 2015 organizations worldwide spent nearly 80 billion dollars on information security. Even with all this spending we find ourselves inundated with news stories of the latest hack or breach affecting millions. Maybe the answer isn’t to spend more, but to spend smarter.  Ian Anderson, IT Security Manager for the City of Oklahoma City, will discuss how the City of Oklahoma City manages cyber security risk and the technology to meet business needs for both performance and cost.

2:45pm - | Networking Break
3:00pm - | Breakout Sessions
3:00pm - Room 4 | Cyber Security Challenges in an Interconnected World

David Greer

Executive Director of the Institute for Information Security (iSec)
University of Tulsa

Mark Gower

CISO & State CyberCommand Director
State of Oklahoma

Curtis Coleman

Seagate Technology

Stacy Patten

CyberSecurity Operations Manager
Quick Trip Corporation

The very technologies that empower us to innovate and build also empower those who would disrupt and destroy.  As technology immersion expands to every sector of our economy, so does the risk of cyber-attacks.  In this panel we will address the current risks everyone is facing and what emerging technologies are being developed to keep our public and private investments protected.  This breakout session will allow our executive panelists the opportunity to share their views and experiences from both the public and private sector, as well as discuss the future role we all need to play in protecting ourselves in this interconnected world.   

3:00pm - Room 5 | Rise of the All-Flash Enterprise
sponsored by Pure Storage

Damon Green

System Engineer
Pure Storage

For decades, IT departments have struggled under the limitations of their storage suppliers. Shackled by the inherent inefficiency of mechanical disk, organizations are slower, inefficient, and less responsive.

We at Pure say, lay down that rusty old disk and fight for a better future! It is high time the IT industry said NO to slow performance, data center bloat, and adversarial business practices. The time for change has come – time for speed, efficiency, and fairness.

3:00pm - Room 7 | Native Cloud Applications vs Cloud Hosted Applications: Adopting a Service Mindset

Nathan Aker

Information Systems Manager

Considering moving your key infrastructure and applications to the cloud?  Looking for the agility and flexibility that comes with cloud computing?  You can "forklift" your applications into the cloud, or you can architect with a cloud service mentality to fully leverage the power of the cloud.  We will share some lessons learned from a Software as a Service company primarily hosted in AWS.  We'll cover the different cloud services models and the benefits of going beyond a host based approach.

3:00pm - Room 8 | Fine Tuning the Machine
sponsored by ServiceNow

Jeff Miles

Supervisor, Customer Support Technology and Operational Change Management
Phillips 66

Great people, time tested processes, and a shiny new tool… In this breakout session we’ll look at a framework for combining these elements into a high performance machine that can take you to the next level and impact your business.

3:45pm - | Networking Break
3:55pm - Meeting Rooms 9-12 | Keynote Introduction

Blaine Young

Chief Information and Operations Officer
Tulsa Public Schools
4:00pm - Meeting Rooms 9-12 | Transforming State Government

Bo Reese

State of Oklahoma

With ongoing state budget and staffing challenges, fast-paced technology changes and expectations from state leadership to adopt an enterprise model of IT and shared services, state government cannot be business as usual. Faced with these challenges, State CIO Bo Reese discusses how IT is transforming state government. From adaptability, improving citizen engagement, and breaking down the fear of transparency, learn more about where IT in Oklahoma is headed.

4:45pm - Meeting Rooms 9-12 | Closing Remarks

Gene Rindels

VP of IT
Charles Machine Works


4:50pm - Networking Reception

Enjoy this complimentary cocktail reception featuring an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and conversation. Make this an important element of your attendance to the Summit. The ability to network and collaborate with your peers in an open and no-hype environment will prove to provide long lasting value to your key business initiatives moving forward.


What Our Attendees Say.

Customer Testimonails

The Oklahoma IT Symposium is invaluable. The topics are timely and concise. I also have an opportunity to meet with trusted prospective suppliers to learn about new and innovative technologies and services.

Gary Casey IT Manager
Miratech Corp
Customer Testimonails

The Oklahoma IT Symposium is well worth the day out of the office. The connections you make throughout the day may save your company time and money on your next project.

Kenny Mullican CIO
Paragon Films, Inc
Customer Testimonails

As a former CIO and President of SIM, I believe that the relevance of the Topics, together with the quality of the Presentors, and their delivery, conbined with the fantastic opportunity for personal networking, is 'way up there' with the best that I have seen.

Pete Mather Frmr Assistant Secretary of Commerce
State of Oklahoma
Customer Testimonails

Many of us across the IT community are facing the same issues. This is the event where you can connect with people who have developed creative solutions to these issues. Even more importantly, they are happy to share these solutions with you.

Mark Brewer SVP & CIO
Seagate Technology
Join Us At The 2016 Oklahoma IT Symposium

August 17, 2016

At The Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City


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