October 4, 2016
Student Union Bldg, BSU

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2016 Strategic Partners


Planning Committee

Garry Beaty

City of Boise

Roger Parks

Former VP of IT/CIO
JR Simplot Company

Cece Gassner

Director, Economic Development
Boise State University

Dwight Pond

Sr Director, IT
St Alphonsus

Greg Zickau

State of Idaho

Brad Frazer

Hawley Troxell

Advisory Committee

Brian Weissinger

IT Ops Infrastructure
Idaho Power

Rob Hopper

Canyon County

Vince Skinner

AVP of Security
Davidson Companies

Gary Mountain

Director of IT Operations
WinCo Foods, LLC

Adam Waldron

Director of Information Services
Idaho Farm Bureau

Max Davis-Johnson

Boise State University

Jay Larsen

President & Founder
Idaho Technology Council

Mark Willden

Idaho Central Credit Union

Dan Raiha

Idaho Dept of Lands

Trevor Schulze

Micron Technology
Join Us At The 2016 Idaho IT Symposium

October 4, 2016

At The Student Union Building, BSU


7:30am - | Attendee Check-In: American Breakfast Buffet Served

Assorted Pastries, Scrambled Eggs, Crisp Bacon, Sausage Links or Sausage Patties, choice of Breakfast Potato, Starbucks Coffee, Decaf and Hot Tea.

8:20am - Simplot Ballroom | Welcome Message

Roger Parks

Former VP of IT/CIO
JR Simplot Company
8:30am - Simplot Ballroom | Undaunted Courage: What is Required of Today's IT Leader

Denise Stephens

Idaho National Laboratory

Just as Merriweather Lewis and William Clark braved the vast wilderness west of the Mississippi, those in IT leadership positions must have tremendous courage to lead through the complexities of today’s IT world, while providing innovative, reliable, agile systems and service all while keeping the systems and information secure. The institution must balance cybersecurity risks with business needs and typically relies on the IT and cybersecurity organizations to help guide institutional leadership through the process.

9:15am - | Networking Break
9:45am - | Breakout Sessions
9:45am - Hatch A | Together: Data Governance & Master Data Management Changes Your World

Cindy Zuvich-Hinkle

Manager, Information Delivery
Blue Cross of Idaho

Caitlin Hyatt-Jackson

Systems Analyst
Blue Cross of Idaho

Our Data Governance and Master Data Management (DG & MDM) journey has been one of patience and perseverance. We will share key challenges we had to overcome, processes and strategies utilized to keep moving forward, lessons learned and next steps in our ongoing quest to be the best at managing and delivering data and information for Blue Cross of Idaho!

Attendees will learn about the roles, structure, implementation strategies, lessons learned, processes and next steps for Blue Cross of Idaho:

  • Data Governance Processes and Deliverables
  • MDM Architecture, Process and Deliverables
  • Quick Win Examples: Mastering Provider Address Data, Broker Contact Information, Medical & Quality Management Decision Reasons
9:45am - Hatch B | Top 5 Cybersecurity Issues CIOs Need To Know In A Connected, Mobile World

Brad Frazer

Hawley Troxell

CIOs are on the front lines in the battle against hackers, phishers, spammers and other internet black hats who seek to steal company data and intellectual property.  The war is continuous, the battlefield is virtual and all the players are armed with mobile devices, creating the need for constant monitoring of resources and requiring awareness of legal issues that are wholly new in the last ten years. In this lively and interactive session, Hawley Troxell partner Brad Frazer will review the top five cybersecurity issues CIOs need to know and provide key insights to identifying and mitigating critical legal issues, risks and exposures.

9:45am - Hatch C | Advanced Analytics and Data Monetization
sponsored by CenturyLink

Shivkumar Thiagarajan

Sr Director of Data Analytics

Big Data analytics is exploding, with industry analysts predicting the space will break $84 billion by 2026. Almost 90 percent of leaders agree IT analytics can revolutionize business operations much like the Internet did. Insight comes from every area of the business – from social media to e-commerce systems – ensuring companies can more reliably identify customer trends, pinpoint target markets, and drive more efficient business operations. Adding a layer of predictability, data analytics not only optimizes current operations – but helps organizations align for what’s next.

CenturyLink has grown revenue from $2bn in 2008 to $18bn today and is gearing up for the next stage of its transformation from regional carrier to global integrated digital solutions provider. It has a unified operational structure, direct sales force and GTM. As part of this transformation CenturyLink has been developing a big data analytics as a service capability.

CenturyLink’s managed services business provides compelling value-added services around big data as a service and advanced predictive analytics, all of which is helping customer monetize their data as a strategic asset.

10:30am - | Networking Break
10:45am - | Breakout Sessions
10:45am - Hatch A | Cybersecurity for IT Leaders: Industry Threat Update

JR Tietsort


Cyber threats are a problem that constantly and rapidly changes.  Tools and weapons are becoming more standardized and easier to use while the skills to leverage them are becoming more common.

To achieve results, IT Leaders must stay up to date with the industry situation so that we understand how to defend ourselves. We need to talk to our peers and co-workers in the industry. We need to ask questions. We need to apply a critical eye to our own environment and ask ourselves if we have done everything that we can reasonably do to protect it.

This talk will look at some new and interesting concerns in the cyber industry.  We'll look at some suggestions to respond, but also look at methods for staying current. Audience participation encouraged!
10:45am - Hatch B | The Data Center of 2025

Roger Parks

Former VP IT/CIO
JR Simplot

What will the data center in 2025 look like? Technology has become the lifeblood for many companies and as rapidly developing technologies continue to create disruption in every industry the evolution of the data center is critical to delivering and supporting the enterprise. In this presentation Roger will share how advancements in technology and cloud computing will drive (or create) a monumental shift in the data center ecosystem by 2025. Enterprise data centers will be smaller and the majority of IT workloads will move to cloud computing platforms by 2025. There will be a significant increase in the adoption of cloud storage and cloud computing, and most user interfaces will be distributed among mobile or wearable devices. We will see the evolution of hyperscale computing enabled by hybrid data centers and cross-platform computing capabilities. The next generation data center will be more automated and converged than any in the history of the IT industry. Data centers will be self-healing and be self-optimizing, enabled by the increasing adoption of software-defined data centers and data center infrastructure management. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) will enable visibility across all systems and physical data center assets. In addition to the transformation of the data center we will also experience changes in the role of IT in the enterprise and the organizational structure of the IT function.

10:45am - Hatch C | Re-aligning an Enterprise: What to Keep, Toss, or Build Over
sponsored by Syringa Networks

Mike Slotemaker

IT Director

Follow this case study as an enterprise moves from silos of technology into an environment that is efficient and scalable for future growth. Norco’s history of successful acquisitions created an impressive network of 76 branches in 7 Western US states; however, there were small pockets of areas with a technology gap that prevented rapid enterprise deployments. What’s the best way to standardize when some of the technology is standalone? And – of course – sensitivity to the budget has to be a high priority.

11:30am - Hawaiian Luau Lunch Buffet Served

Kahlua Pork, Teriyaki Chicken, Maui Rice, Glazed Carrots, Pineapple Cole Slaw, Hawaiian Rolls and Butter, plus Macadamian Nut Cookies

12:00pm - Simplot Ballroom | Keynote Introduction/ Lunch MC

Dwight Pond

Sr Director, IT
St Alphonsus
12:05pm - Simplot Ballroom | Local Update

Dave Bieter

City of Boise

Join us as Mayor Bieter discusses ways in which technology and tech education are at the center of downtown Boise’s ongoing boom and its role in the City of Boise’s new Citizen Experience initiative.

12:20pm - Simplot Ballroom | Trailhead Update

Raino Zoller

Executive Director
12:30pm - Simplot Ballroom | Get-Real Leadership

Harry Campbell

Get-Real Leadership

Reflecting back to time spent with one of his professional role models, Sam Walton, Harry S. Campbell takes the tenants of servant leadership and infuses them with his own business philosophies developed while working at Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Sprint, as well as smaller private companies. What results is an empowering and fresh approach to managing people and business that Campbell calls Get-Real Leadership.

1:15pm - | Networking Break
1:45pm - | Breakout Sessions
1:45pm - Hatch A | Consumers Drive Digital Disruptions in Healthcare or How to Avoid Becoming Digital Roadkill

Dwight Pond

Sr IS Director
St Alphonsus

Healthcare is undergoing the most significant change in the past 100 years.  Organizations are changing or under assault.  Payment models are changing.  Providers are struggling to keep up and deliver superior care.  We are in the middle of a transformational storm.

Over the next 25 years, we will look back at how we navigated the turbulent waters of Baby Boomer driven healthcare reform.  Or we will wonder what happened to giants of the industry.

Change is upon us.  Disruptive change.

This presentation will present the case that the consumer will drive a completely different healthcare experience.
1:45pm - Hatch B | System Software Performance for High Traffic Sites

Kelly Edvalson

Software Architect

A case study of system performance for high traffic sites. Attendees will get a peek into system performance issues Scentsy has faced and how it has addressed them. This presentation will cover microservices, distributing, scaling, load testing, code tuning, refactoring, caching, and much more. This is a story of software panic, triumphant resolve and a moderately satisfying twist at the end. Don’t miss it.

1:45pm - Hatch C | Keeping the WAN Up: Avoiding the Ghost in the Night
sponsored by Compunet

Corey Webb

Director of IT
WinCo Foods

Resilient WAN design is a necessity in a quickly changing business landscape where technology is expected to always be available.  Each business has unique risk tolerance, business demands and dollars to spend which makes design a difficult task.  In this session you will learn how to review each of these issues to meet the goals of your business and develop the best design to meet your goals.  Having guidelines for design, configuration and partnership will provide you the ability to avoid the ghost in the night.

1:45pm - Hatch D | CIO Viewpoint on the Public Cloud
sponsored by PureStorage

Ravi Venkat

Data Center Architect
Pure Storage

Public Cloud vs. Data Centers:

  • AWS and the public cloud are not killing off the data center.
  • Flash memory, the data center and the public cloud work in concert, not in conflict. Flash enables fast high-performance cloud environments. 
  • Public cloud delivers accessibility, scalability and ease of management – but falls short on availability, control, cost-certainty and security. 
  • Companies continue to keep certain workloads off the public cloud for reasons tied to those shortcomings and expect that to continue. 
  • Storage is not divided by public cloud vs. data centers, despite that being a popular narrative. 
  • Additionally, it's critical to remember that clouds - public and private - are still running off of hardware in a data center somewhere. The need for physical storage is only growing along with the dramatic increase in data generation. But those needs must be fulfilled in the face of stagnant or shrinking IT budgets and rapidly decreasing real estate, which means the technology within the data center has to get far more efficient than spinning disk, and fast - Enter flash, which enables an ultra-fast, highly-performant cloud environment. 
  • The benefits of public cloud are accessibility, scalability and ease of management. 
  • Where public cloud falls short is availability, control, cost-certainty and security. 
  • Overall, it is clear that no one solution is going to emerge as a magic bullet. Each has its pros and cons, and perform best when working in conjunction with other solutions that complement its strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Public cloud is here to stay - but can't do it alone. 
2:30pm - | Networking Break
2:45pm - | Breakout Sessions
2:45pm - Hatch A | How Blue Cross of Idaho went from 0 to 60 in its Agile Transformation

Scott Sparkman

IT Manager
Blue Cross of Idaho

How is your company doing in its agile journey? Come learn how Blue Cross of Idaho organized and kicked off its enterprise agile transformation journey, the foundation laid prior to the kick off and the successes and road bumps we celebrated along the way.

2:45pm - Hatch B | Diversity in IT: What Can We Do to Build a Larger Talent Pool?

Amy Moll

Dean of Engineering
Boise State University

Since the mid-80s the percentage of women pursuing undergraduate degrees in engineering, IT and computer science has been flat or declining. Women are 50% of the workforce, but constitute fewer than 25% of IT workers, and they leave the workplace for other careers in much higher percentages than men resulting in a continued gender gap throughout all levels of employment.

Many efforts, such as code camps and special events for girls, are still not having the desired effect of encouraging more women to go into IT. Studies show that this is largely due to workplace culture and policies in place that have a negative effect on female employees. This presentation will include a guided brainstorming session to talk about what Idaho employers and managers can do to retain more women in their IT departments, as well as get more women to consider a career in IT.

2:45pm - Hatch C | Digital Transformation of your Customer Service Process
sponsored by ServiceNow

Mike Nathlich

Product Line Manager

The digital transformation of the customer service industry is upon us. This transformation will create a structured, closed loop service management approach for all of your customer service processes. The ability to consolidate systems and seamlessly integrate omni-channel engagements are only some of the promises. Attend this session to learn how this new approach will enable an effortless experience for your customers and business partners, create a connected team approach to problem diagnosis and response, and make it possible to proactively address issues.

3:30pm - | Networking Break
3:40pm - Simplot Ballroom | Keynote Introduction


3:45pm - Simplot Ballroom | Innovation Discussion with Startups - How Are Startups Using Disruption Technologies to Change Traditional Processes/Practices?

Cece Gassner

Director, Economic Development
Boise State University

Jessica Whiting

VP of Strategic Partnerships, Black Box VR
President, Idaho Virtual Reality Council

Brian Tuttle

Geek Herder

The term startup itself it oftentimes synonymous with disruption: to technologies, to markets, to business models. Learn how some of Boise’s startups have brought their technologies from ideation to proof of concept and market entry. What are these startups and how are they changing the world we live in – better yet, what tips can you learn to change your processes and practices?

4:30pm - Simplot Ballroom | Closing Remarks

Cece Gassner

Director, Economic Development
Boise State University
4:35pm - Networking Reception

Enjoy this complimentary cocktail reception featuring an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and conversation. Make this an important element of your attendance to the Summit. The ability to network and collaborate with your peers in an open and no-hype environment will prove to provide long lasting value to your key business initiatives moving forward.



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